We can say it as like as mother tongue “who does not like butterfly”. In this whole world people find about five hundred specie Butterfly. Butterfly fly on flower to flower in trees one branch to another branch. There are various types of butterfly such as yellow, black, white, blue, green and mixed two or three colors. Its look so beautiful which increase beauty of nature. In corn flower in field we can see Butterfly collect food and run flower to flower and most of the time they go one place to another with couple. In Bangladesh Jahangirnagar University campus is one beautiful place where is live many Butterfly and it is one of the world  heritage site. And it is also shooting place. Butterfly has two wings and its body is so soft and it create all time charming scenery. Butterfly helps to create or produce crops by porag reno to flower.


Butterfly life cycle is so interesting and its larva hatches Butterflies which is fully metanorphosis. Larva converts Butterfly gives eggs in tree leafs. It convert into caterpillar. And a short emerging from chrysalis. Adult Butterflies life cycle take a short duration about six to eight weak. Butterfly is one kind of insects but it attracts to all of people in the whole world only for its beauty. Butterflies fluttering flight is more interesting.

Image source:  greengrassok



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