coxs-bazar                                                 Sun Rise in Cox’s Bazar sea Beach

Cox’s Bazar sea beach is the largest sea beach in this whole world. It is situated in Bangladesh. Every year many tourists come to here for seeing this natural beauty of sea beach. Cox’s Bazar people livelhood their life by. It is also called fishing port fishing. For its wide sandy beach it is known to the world’s longest Sandy sea beach which is natural. Cox’s Bazar is situated 150 km south of the industrial port Chittagong. For its natural beauty it is called Panowa which means yellow flower. In ancient it is called Palongkee. The name of the Cox’s Bazar is named from the Captain Hiam Cox who died 1799 and who is serving officer British foreign its name convert Governor of Bengal. In past Arkan refugee and Rakhains lived here. Captain Cox make a mobilized with them. Cox’s Bazar constituyed in 1869. It’s area is 6.85km square. It is south Eastern Bangladesh in Bay of Bengal. Here people find health resort, big port and beauty of nature in sea. Cox’s Bazar tourism is big source of economy because it is most beautiful and popular & famous tourist sports in Bangladesh. Sea water taste is salt. By plug in salt many people can earn money from here by collect water from sea by make a bark I sea beach and dry by the sun heat water remove and collect only salt powder and salt powder after refining it supply to for using people in preparing food taste increase. People can see here sunset and sunrise with their open eyes.


Tourist travel place in Cox’s Bazar:

  • Aggmeda Khyang:

Buddhist monastery, Temple, folk, prayer chamber, old and large manuscripts and Brunze Buddha image is main attraction and beauty of this place.

  • Ramu:

It is 10 km far from Cox’s Bazar. It is also Buddhist population. Buddhist temple is more beautiful situated on the bank of the Banghkhali River.


  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park:

It is first Safari Park in Bangladesh which is situated in Cox’s Bazar. It is evergreen and various trees find here such as Chopalish, Gorjan. And trees increase beauty with herbs, creeper, shrubs. Here all animal is free. People can visit this Safari Park with car, foot, vehicle, jeep and enjoy it with single, couple and family for everfresh mind.

Image source:  thedailystar




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