Travel Bangladesh

Winter comes to us come cool, come peace and quiet but not for all. Beauty of winter is more charming. Winter season is more popular to all when its temperature is comfortable to people. Environment is change herself with her own color. Crow song hear to our ear loudly and its feel bodding. Village winter and urban winter is different environment shows. In village poor people do not have enough warm cloth for wearing reduce cool, for this reason most of the poor people suffer this sorrows. For protecting cold they sometimes create fire for increasing temperature of this environment. In morning all of village people wait for sun rise. When sun is woke up that’s time find their smiling face especially old age people. People woke up lately and go to bed as soon as possible. Most of the village woman is busy in morning for preparing various types of delicious food in winter season cake such as Puli pidha, Khir pidha, Shitol pidha, Mera pidha, Bapha pidha, Chitol pidha, Til pidha, Khola pidha, and so on….Trees looks green and birds fly in the sky in morning. Especially owl birds looks so beautiful and sing a song with their own lips various birds in trees morning and night. Many famous poets and writer write poem and story which is more popular to all people. There is a poem in Bangla-

Sisir veja gase

Norom payer alto choate

Mon je aj bese

Gese kon gogone.

Travel Bangladesh

In urban area people find different. In night road is darkness, it’s over cloud of snow. Urban area temperature is higher than village area. People never see rain in winter season. Vegetable is grow more. Vegetable is favourite for its taste and contain vitamin’s. In winter season various types of vegetables such as Juice, Carrot, Turnip, Tomato. Various types of beautiful flower bloom in winter morning for increase its beauty. Flowers sweet smell comes to our noise. In morning overcome the obstacle of cold Religious people such as Muslim go to Mosque for read prayer and Hindu’s go to Temple only for their retritual peace and quiet, Farmer go to field for working because it is proper time for plant various crops such as vegetable, rice. In winter morning a common favorite food is Muri, Chira, Khai and especially date of  Palm tree  juice is more popular and taste is sweet and Jessore dristict in Bangladesh palm tree is more. But preset time a virous is called NIPA virous is spread out by this juice and past year many people die by drinks this juice. This virous spread out by birds. But all of this we can say winter morning is enjoyable and create nature of beauty in Bangladesh.


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