Autumn’s Entrance

Autumn’s Entrance

It is not very popular after the autumn and arrival of late autumn is rather different. There is a proverb that “late Autumn comes on the sly”. The late autumn is not altogether silent and the sound of dews hear to get and fallen leaves of the rustle. The late autumn’s evergreen. The flutter of migratory birds are heard in the midly chilly air. The sky becomes screne and clear. All ever is green in nature is naturally. Rivers flows to village in serpentine at place. Kashban fades away in the field. The boatman understand that the wild monsoon rivers will grow tame. The fogs croud loudly in the pond, rivers and all water place where people a melodious sound and it is more attractable to all travel people who likes to make tour in nature. In morning sun is different and night is more pleasant. A beauty of nature is more change in herself. The flood water is increase in gradually. A various types of vegetables which colour is green looks more natural. The green nature converts to yellow in meantime. The children comes out to door sports play. Late autumn morning sun is more bright and it feels so sweet to all natural lovers. Late Autumn also comes to us a festival such as Nabanno which time the farmers busy with their harvesting paddy. Paddy gives rice and by preparing various rice convert to powder we can make many delicious food such as cake, Chira, Muri ,KHai and other bangla food. In odlen days people husking rice with DHEKI was used for mechanized rice. By seeing this nature of beauty many poet is created by famous author such as Jibonanondo Das create of poet Ruposhi Bangla which is more create of beauty in MY Bangla. In autumn many foreign birds come to our country in this season and take shelter in short duration for their feel comfortable. In morning when we see the sky we find many birds wake up in the sky with wings wake and with large flocks and looks very beautiful. But in the evening when they comes to a shelter in a tree its sound is so feel bodding such as storm. But the guest birds fall into danger by many nubter who are they do not like to beauty of nature. But everybody should help to secure the guest birds for their safety. Some attractable flower such as Rajashok, Chatim, Lozzaboti, Debkancho is increase our beauty. Lazzaboti = Mimosa pudica and Bonokra =Urena lobata , bloom in the hilly area. It stay only two moth in our country in Bangladesh. Bye to say Agrahayan and wait for it comes to us again recycle.

Autumn’s Entrance


Image source:  panoramabangladesh


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