The Bagha mosque situted on the bank of large tank in Bagha sadar Upazilla.It is wonderful example architectural style in Bangladesh.The mosque is constructed in small bricks laid in lime mortor.On the western wall there have four stylist mirhabs.The mosque is beautifully orrmanted with finest apecimens bricks depesting rossette,fruits,flowers,follages,copper etc on all walls.

It is situated in Bhaga which famous to all.And it is also used for prayer.Everyday many visitor come and see for their refiesh mind.A big pond is also seen infront of the mosque which is full of natural beauty. The northwest corner there have a plattform of the mosque commensuting the ladies gallery.The prayer hall divided into two atsles and five bays by stone pillars.The roof is covered by ten small inverted cupshaped domes Sultan Nasir Uddin Nusrat Shah 1523-24 A.D.





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